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Personal History

My name is Slava, I was born 31. January 2002 in Almaty,Kazakhstan. The sport started with 4 years. Did gymnastics,swimming, skiing, climbing... Participated in competitions that have prizes. With 7 years active in motocross. I have a wonderful family. All support me and help as best I can. Dad for me and the coach,and mechanic, and driver, and best friend. Mom is responsible for proper nutrition and form. And the little niece was always with me during my physical training. I like to ride BMX, and snowboarding in the winter. And we as a family love in the winter go sledding with slides.

Riding Goals

I want to achieve the highest achievements in motocross. During the Finals of the European Championship MX65, together with the us took place at the MX GP. Next to us lived and raced the strongest riders of the planet. It is ordinary guys that are very committed to motocross and put all forces and soul to win. Plan in 2016 to drive the MX85 championship and the World championship MX85. I am sure a huge work and patience and a little luck will allow me to enter into ten the strongest racers.

Competitive Highlights

For 2010 and 2015 have a lot of victories and disappointing defeats. I became the fivefold champion of Kazakhstan in MX65 and MX85, became a prize winner of international competitions in Russia, Lithuania, Belarus,Latvia, Uzbekistan, Kirgistan . For the first time in the history of modern Kazakhstan, represented the country at the European Championship MX65, where at one stage took the 3rd place. Unfortunately, for technical reasons, the final ranked only 35th place. But after spending this year on the best European tracks, training with leading riders hope for a good performance in 2016.