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Personal History

My name is Wayne Hall iii and I am the proud owner of Hallstar Tint & Detail inc. during the week and a very competitive Motocross rider on the weekends and I take it very seriously!!! I am a husband and father who is very successful in everything I do and Motocross is no exception...I have been racing since August of 2009(not really...blew my knee out in first race) so 2010 has been my real start to the career!!! So far this year I have pretty much dominated my competition and I plan to do the same throughout the rest of the years and many more to come!!!

Riding Goals

My goals this year are to win the Senior Support title in MAMA even though I missed the first three events of the season,I also want to win the Delaware,Maryland,Newjersey,Pennsylvania,West Virginia,Virginia and North Carolina state championships as well as a few select amateur championships that are within a 1000 miles from me...even though experience wise I am clearly at a disadvantage and that is what drives me to be better everyday is being the underdog!!! Next year I am racing only amateur nationals as well as making a run for an Amateur National championship at Lorettas which I should be ready for by then!!!

Competitive Highlights

My competitive highlights are winning the first seven races I have entered with 13 out of 14 moto wins as well as 13 holeshots and on top of that I never practice due to my hectic work schedule...wonder how much better and faster I could get with a little practice?