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Rider Updates

Aug 19 2010

Racing 25+ AM and 30+ AM this weekend at PVR...would like to thank Oneal for jumping back on this freighttrain and keep me looking fantastic all the way through Lorettas 2011...

Jul 20 2010

I'm racing at Tomahawk this Saturday for MAMA in Senior Support which is 30+B,C which I am in point contention even though I missed the first four rounds...then once that race is out New Jersey...Raceway Park for the State Championships maybe I can add another State Championship to my resume and redeem myself for my mechanical failure the last time I was there!!!

Jul 16 2010

Doublin Gap MDRA Race 30+C and 25+Amateur...first 4 moto day of the year...hope I can cardio is suspect!!!

Jul 10 2010

Won both motos in Tennessee at Muddy Creek in Blountville to take home my first of many titles to come!!!

Jul 2 2010

Going to go try Tomahawk in Wv cause there is a guy that races out there in my class that seems to be pretty's his home track and it's time for a showdown...It's time to see whos the better rider and he clearly has the advantage but i will go out there and ride my own race and have fun and let the chips fall where they may!!!

Jun 27 2010

Went 1-1 at Seaford with 2 holeshots and then drove out to the Northeasts roughest track,Raceway Park(and believe me it was) for the Ultimate Series race for a little district face off!!! The track was so loamy in practice but by the 23rd moto(30+C) it was rough!!! I was sore still from Seaford but managed to holeshot and run away with the first moto...second moto was a different story...there were 10inch deep ruts at the gate...came out 5th passed 2 people on the outside first turn and set my sights on the the second tabletop I jumped past him on the outside and began to pull away...or so I thought!!! Through the finish line section my chain comes off and I am out...I put in back on and finished but I was disgusted!!! So i went a 1st and a 30th for a 15th overall...I hope those guys enjoyed the gift I gave them!!!

Jun 24 2010

Looking for a nice 1-1 with two more holeshots to put on my resume...I will update tomorrow evening with pics

Jun 21 2010

Looking to improve on my points at DMP after missing the first four round of the series I currently sit in 8th in points after two dominating wins...I am looking for a third straight 1-1 and another 100 point saturday in MAMA.

On SUNDAY my first trip to Englishtown New Jersey for the D6 Ultimate series which should bring out some fast guys and a huge turnout as I am looking to dominate as well there with 2 holeshots and 2 moto wins...

Jun 9 2010

Looking for two moto wins and 2 holeshots...I would like to thank all my sponsors for helping me be the best I can be...Braking,Twin Air,Monster Energy,Gaerne Boots, Hallstar Tint & Detail Inc. Thank You!!!!