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Personal History

I’ve always had a thing for dirtbikes. When I was 6 I got my first Yamaha 50CC, but we sold it once I was 8 or 9. Since then I never rode again until April of 2020. I bought a new husky and began riding dunes everyday . The more I rode, the better I got. I started tagging along with some bug shots out there and began learning new things , like whipping, turnups, break tapping, etc. and also where the bigger jumps are . Now I may not be the best rider, or the one with the biggest balls out there, but people look up to me as an example and want me to teach them how to ride like I’ve learned to do.

Riding Goals

My goal is of course to get better and better everytime I ride. I want to have more of a social media platform and get my Name out there. I also want to become better , so I can get other riders out of their comfort zone and let them experience what it really feels like to ride hard and have the best adrenaline rush they’ve ever had!

Competitive Highlights

I don’t compete, I just freestyle at the dunes. We do hit jumps that most people wouldn’t imagine even trying, so I guess that could be considered a highlight haha!