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Personal History

Hi! My name is Wesley and I started riding dirt bikes just last year at the age of 8. My dad bought me a 50cc dirt bike and I jumped right on it and went. Ever since then I have loved riding and decided that I wanted to race when my parents mentioned that I could. It was my first year on a dirt bike and on a track and I already have learned so much! This year I have to transition to a 65cc dirt bike and learn how to use a clutch! It has been challenging but I am determined to do the best that I can and get better at it every year! I have a great support system from my dad, step mom, mom, siblings and family. 

Riding Goals

My goal is to become better at the clutch and to learn more tricks on the track and how to handle different situations. My dad is teaching me everything I need to know about my bike because he said that it's important for me to know about the bike that I am riding. 

Competitive Highlights

I feel like I have come a long way with last year being my first year ever riding. I started and finished every race and pushed through it because I am determined to become the best rider that I can be!