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Personal History

I have never raced before but i have ridden for 3 years. I've done almost all of my riding with my cousins and a few friends. Had some people come watch us ride a few times and they told me I'm getting a lot faster in a small amount of time. My confidence is building and I'm ready to try some real racing. Finances are stretched pretty thin in my family and i have to pay for almost all of my own gear and maintenance on the bike. I can feel myself getting a lot faster on the track and I've done some "demo" races with some people that i know who race and held my own pretty well for a 3rd year rider. I will begin racing arenacross at Deseret peak in tooele, ut starting in April.

Riding Goals

Get sponsored (obviously).

Place in the top 5 in 50% of all the races i participate in.

Get good enough to race A class 250.

Get good enough to race a 450.

Eventually start racing regionally.

Go professional and race in the AMA Motocross and AMA Supercross someday.

Competitive Highlights

Nothing for me yet, but you can help me get there!