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Personal History

I've been riding since I was 10, but just started racing in 2009. I am currently running the 250B class on a 2004 KTM 125SX. I transitioned from racing motocross to hare scrambles in 2013, and have loved it ever since. However, I still race motocross occasionally. 

Riding Goals

I want to be competitive for the podium at each event I enter. I know I have the speed and the endurance to stay at the front of the pack. 

Competitive Highlights

I would say one of my biggest race highlights was taking 1st in the 2009 District 19 AMA Gulf Coast Championship Race in the D class. The day before the race was my first time to see the track and I took a few hard falls during practice. I was pretty nervous rolling into the gate. There were probably over 20 riders in the gate, way more than what I had been use to. In both motos, there was a crash in front of me in the first turn and I was almost taken out. But I was able to finish 2nd in each moto which was good enough for the overall win.

My other biggest race highlight would be winning my first official hare scramble race in the B class. At Highland Park Resort in Cedartown, GA, I was the second rider into the woods from the starting line (which included riders from multiple B and A level classes). During the race, I was only passed by 4 or 5 other people that were not a part of my race class.

What's funny is that at both of these events, I was racing on my 2004 KTM 125SX.