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Personal History

  I'm 21 years old I live in Fort Morgan, CO. I just moved up here for my new job at the Colorado Department of Corrections. I am a correctional officer. I've raced for 5 years now, but have rode dirt bikes for 13 years. 

  I live down the road from one of the best tracks in Colorado. I recently talked with the owners and they are allowing me to practice whenever I want. I'm very excited to have that opportunity!

Riding Goals

  My main goal for this coming year is to mark out of the B class and advance to pro. From there I would like to compete in amateur nationals to earn my national pro license.

  My goal for the next two seasons is to make it to national pro and compete in the Lakewood national by 2012.

Competitive Highlights

  I had the opportunity to go to the amateur national warm up at Freestone County Raceway in Texas two winters ago. I had a blast I could easily run with that caliber of rider, and I look forward to doing that again!