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Rider Updates

Mar 11 2010

Well the Oklahoma LLQ has came and went. I would like to say I did awesome... But All the snow we've been getting here in Colorado along with not getting as much practice as I need to made it less than I wanted for results. (Not to mention, I was not expecting a deep sandy track. We have not ruts here in Colorado, so that proved difficult itself) I am very confident that I will be a top contender here in the state, And I still plan on hitting some out of state races to get more exposure. ....Bbbrrraaaapppp!!!

Jan 12 2010

Got the 2010 in finally! This bike is awesome! super smooth and easy to ride. Cant wait till the races! Check out a couple new pictures I put up. Thanks    

Thanks to all my sponsor that are helping me shoot for my goal this year!

Jan 7 2010

Finally get the new bike tomorrow! I'm excited, going to spend the whole weekend getting it broke in, and adapting to it. It's about time!

Dec 16 2009

Got the new truck... still just waiting on the new bike to get in.... any day now...

Nov 17 2009

Well, I'm still waiting for my 2010 YZ to show up.  But, I can wait now, rolled my truck because of snowy roads Sunday(15th). I made it just fine, only a scrape on my knuckle. So now I gotta get a new truck. Hopefully I can put this behind me real soon and push on the spring and motocross season...

Oct 27 2009

Got my new 2010 Yamaha YZ450F reserved. Will be in sometime next month. Can't wait, super excited to see what the new machine will do!!!

Sep 14 2009

Just got back from riding this morning. It was awesome! Perfect dirt, I felt great, railing the corners better than I can ever remember!

Sep 1 2009

After about a year off due to injury, moving and changing jobs. I'm finally back to riding!!!