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Personal History

I am a midwest boy that is 13 yrs old I have been riding everything from dirtbikes to 4 wheelers since I was 3 yrs old I go to school and have good grades actually made the honor roll. I just started racing at 11 my dad did not want to start me too young on fear of me getting burned out I have raced at least 24 races in the last year in a half. My racing involves my whole family from parents to grand parents and my dog cocoa we all go together and it is definitely a family event for us. My parents are average midwest family that both work jobs very hard to try to give me my dream as a dirt bike racer but sometimes we need some help with products to keep me racing. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.

2023 was a good year so far I had just turned 14 and was able to start going to my local gym over the course of 3 months I lost 50lbs and have gotten stronger and leaner which definitely helped me with my racing this year. Had one injury mid season and fractured my scapula but in 8 weeks I come out swinging and finished the best I could to complete MO State Mx series. I plan to run some harescrambles and some larger races outside my area between now and the end of year and train all winter to be ready for qualifiers for early spring of next year.

Riding Goals

To WIN it all at anything I do plain and simple!!!!

Competitive Highlights

  • I had never won a race until the very last race of 2021 when I won my first Mx race it was awesome. I race some hare scrambles as well and started 2022 off with a win out of 36 entries I rode 36 miles for 2 hours and 7 minutes it was very hard but was so worth it on my 2020 Beta 200rr.                                                                  2021 MO state fair cross series pitbike champion.                                                          2021 MO state fair cross series 2nd.            2021 MO state MX series 7th                2021 Midwest MX series 5th.                                                                                              2022 MO state MX series 250 beginner champion.                                                        2022 MO state MX series 450 beginner champion.

2023 east west series 450 novice 1st place series champion

2023 east west series 250 novice 2nd place series 

2023 MO State Mx series 450 novice 2nd place 

2023 MO State Mx series 250 novice 5th place