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Personal History

My name is Konnor Pickle and I'm from Arlington Tx, but I currently live in El Paso. I started riding just before I turned 4. My dad bought me a 4-wheeler right before I turned 4 and I took off from there. Since I've been riding I have raced the 50's all the way through to the 85's and now I just got a KTM 125. But my favorite bike now is the KTM 125. Right no I'm racing the KTM 85. This is going to be my 3rd full season on my new KTM 85. I'm in the 7th grade right now and have all A's and B's. My class work is turned in on time and my parents make sure my homework is turned in everyday. My dad said all I have I have to do is get good grades and he'll pay for everything. My passion for riding is not only on the track but off as well. I've made so many friends along the way that it's fun to just ride around with my buddy's and make our own track. When I'm not riding I love to help my dad work on my bike and change the oil and redo my clutches. Bowling with my family on the weekends is another favorite thing I like to do. During the off season we like to go to the lake and camp and make huge fires with my dad and brothers. Also we started doing a annual trip down the Rio in the summer time. Riding is a huge passion I have and hopefully ill do it for a long time.

Riding Goals

I always tell my dad at the track I want to be a professional motocross rider so as long as keep my grades up and progress each moto I can do it. I also want to learn how to do whips. I think they look cool. I also want to be a architect when I grow up. And I want to be like Ryan Dungy.

Competitive Highlights

My favorite is when I got the big tall trophy at the end of last season. It was almost as tall as me and I worked hard to get it. Hopefully I get another one this year. Also when my friends and I are on our 85's we battle on the track on who is better or who's going to finish first but at the end of the race we all eat snow cones together and at night we do s'mores. Now my friends and I are on 85s and we are still competitive still. When the races are done me and my friends do some wheelies and ride around.