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Personal History

My name is Zachary and I started riding dirtbikes when I was 6 and road until I was 12 then I shattered my femur on a kx100. Then I got my parents to get me a bike again when I was 16. I have been riding since then. Which has been a little over a year. I am a hard worker and when I put my mind to something I don’t stop until I accomplish that thing. I ride as much as possible which is usually 2 days a week and am in the gym atleast 5 days a week.

Riding Goals

Be the best possible racer I can be. It might sound crazy but my goals are to go pro and I intend to get there. It might not be the typical story of going to Loretta’s every year since I was 6 but I will stop at nothing to get there.

Competitive Highlights

I won my 3rd overall I have ever been in with a P-2 in the first moto and a P-1 in the second.