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Personal History

I started riding bikes in October of 2021, and haven't looked back from that moment once. Since then, I've been at the trails practicing enduro or at my home endurocross track at least twice a week, sometimes 5 times a week of work is slow. This has very quickly taken over my life and has become my calling. Outside of dirtbikes, I'm a multi-instrumentalist who writes and records music. I'm also an Electrician by trade and possess an extremely strong mechanical knowledge of motors and electrical systems. My Dogs Bodhi and Leeloo frequently make appearances at my races and in my social media posts, catering to moto fans and pet lovers as well. When I'm able to, I invite everyone I can to come out and try the sport with me at our local trails, and more often than not they fall in love with the sport and when they get bikes I'm able to help direct the purchase decisions they make.

Riding Goals

For 2022, my goal is to partake in the entire AMA Extreme Enduro West series, and have already locked down the resources to make it to these races. The main event of 2022 for me will be the 2022 Edition of Redbull Romaniacs. I am already inscribed in the Bronze Class, and have my Bike Rental overseas already secured. I will also be racing my local Washington series with the NMA in the Offroad and Enduro segments when there isn't scheduling conflicts with the above races.

Competitive Highlights

Finished in 12th place in the Webfoot enduro, which is a 5 hour Hard Enduro race in Washington. What made this race stand out to me was that it was my first time racing up a class and I did exceptionally well for "punching above my weight class". The race that I DNF'd in was an odd highlight also, I was in 5th place for most of the race until I ruptured a coolant hose on the last third of the final lap, and it caused the DNF. While disappointing, I was kicking some serious tail up until that point and I was very pleased with my performance. In addition, we jumped off a loading dock on the bikes as an obstacle and that was a cool moment from that race!