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Personal History

Started ridding motorcycles at the age of 2 (with training wheels) on a yamaha pw 50. I started racing the local races around the age of 6 on a couple different ktm's 50s -65cc. When I was 10 my parents were to busy to go racing every weekend, and I was forced to stop ridding. 9 yrs later working full time I bought a buddys 05 yz 125 and started going racing again (2yrs ago). Throughout the past two yrs I have been ridding as much as possible and regaining confidence on Dirtbikes faster then I have ever imagined. I am a full time student attending pre apprenticeship classes to become an Electrical Lineman, as well as working full time at nights to support my ridding. I spend my free time outdoors camping and having fun as much as possible. I believe in working for what you have and keeping life fun.

Riding Goals

This year in ridding I am opening the doors the the intermediate class on my modern bikes, and expect to learn a ton from the faster class. I hope to place well in my races, but more importantly have fun and learn as much as possible to stay safe while building confidence. I expect to ride the intermediate (B class) for this year and most likely the following one as well. Hopefully by then I will apply and receive my pro licence. I will then start attending the national races in Canada and near by states with close friends already compeating with their license. For my vintage racing, I have just recently started riding these awesome bikes less then a yr ago. In the few races I've entered I've won the intermediate classes and need to move to the expert level.

Competitive Highlights

Placing first overall in the vintage races that I have entered. Also moving from a novice level of ridding on modern bikes to the intermediate class within 2yrs of ridding after a 9 yr break.