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Personal History

When i was eight years old my uncle got my into riding quads. my mom could never afford to buy me a bike of my own since my dad was around and she only had her one income. when i was a sophomore in high school i moved back to california with my dad and him and i bought my first bike, a 96 suzuki Rm 250. i did a few races that year, no more than three and i blew the bike up. i didnt have a job since i was still in high school and was too busy with sports. so i never had the chance to rebuild it.  Half way through my senior year i joined the army and gave the RM to my cousin. in 2011 i bought another bike, a 98 CR250. i raced it for about a year and traded it straight across for a 2007 crf250r . And now i have a 2009 RMZ450 that im racing today. In 2011 i also got married and on july 7,2012 i had my first child. i started really trying to get into racing this year and couldnt be happier with my desicion.

Riding Goals

my riding goals are definately to get faster. im not the slowest guy on the track thats for sure but i definately have room for improvement. im taking lessons right now to better myself as a rider on the track and out on the trails in hopes of becoming a better rider with an all around better goals for this season, are to  race 450 open and 450 C in both arena cross and my local track series and get atleast 10th or better over all for the series.

Competitive Highlights

getting 5th over all for the 2012 summer series at XMOTOBALL.  

earning my first trophy at the 2012 kicker arena cross summer series in El Paso, Texas.